by Kalman Klim Brattman
Give me the simplest form of matter and motion,
and I will construct, out of them, the world of Nature.
"Give me matter, and I will construct a world out of it."
Immanuel Kant, Kant's Cosmology
("Universal Natural History and Theory Of Heavens")
4. On Prena --the Preexistent State of Nature

The object of TRUTON is to study Nature, from its inception, within the general context of its existence. In TRUTON, the existence and the properties of Nature's objects are independent of our own existence. Arguments of how we see or perceive the objects of Nature have no place in TRUTON. Imaginary objects or representations that can be produced entirely by our given Brain be they dreams, illusions, beliefs, or various perceptions are all outside of the realm of the TRUTON studies. In TRUTON, all the objects describing various aspects of Nature are residing, as stated, outside of our own existence and are called non-imaginary objects. Our own sense perception existence or believes can never ever be used in any of our arguments or illustrations describing Nature. In TRUTON, the only thing that we have at our disposal is our cultivated Common Sense and, as in Mathematics, our cultivated Rational Deductive Reasoning.

Before we begin with our study of Nature, we, of course, need to define it! Questions like,

What is Nature?, What is its primeval format?, Does Nature has an origin and, if so, what that origin could be? or Is there a primeval agent that created and developed Nature?, or Is there a direction or an end for Nature's development?

were some of the questions that have consumed humanity from antiquity to present.

Out of that mental turmoil, Religion was born --that massive speculative undertaking of the human mind that evolved to incorporate not only a system of beliefs but also to be associated with specific cultural, moral and ethic systems vested in a specific lifestyle that purportedly was reflective of the universal laws governing Nature and the Cosmos.

A staggering number of such self-proclaimed religious systems evolved. Some scholars now estimate to exist some 4200 organized religions in the world. Arts associated with Religion (be they in music, sculpture, painting, architecture, pottery, or poetry and literature), and referred as sacred arts, produced a dazzling array of magnificent masterworks unparalleled in their beauty, splendor, and their vast variety. Their indelible addition to the human cultural heritage is truly spectacular and beyond dispute. What has been disputed has been the various religious dogmas that they were subjugated to carry or reflect.

The development of science continuously has been in a collision course with their respective religious dogmas. That collision course chiseled and continue to chisel the development of our ever evolving civilization and understanding of the natural physical laws governing Nature and our place in it.

Cosmology, as a science and a branch of Astronomy --the oldest science of Nature, had the task to entertain those very issues that gave birth to Religion. A number of cosmological models, throughout several centuries, emerged --all based however on "scientific" speculations that nevertheless were speculations that were interpreted to support some scientific physical observations.

The latest such speculative cosmological model that represents the current prevailing cosmological view is vested in the so-called Big-Bang cosmological model that considers that a point of infinite mass, density and temperature --willy-nilly-- exploded somewhere somehow generating the perceived expansion of the Universe we know. This newly almost universally embraced cosmological model since 1970s was first proposed in 1927 by the Belgian priest turned scientist Georges Lemaitre. His speculative cosmological views were cemented two years letter, in 1929, with the discovery of Edwin Hubble that the galaxies and quasars around us appear to be redshifted as if they were running away from each other and interpreted as the observational proof that the cosmic space itself, and thus that the Universe itself, expands.

To account how from a homogeneous point-mass, a non-homogeneous Universe could emerge, additional speculations were added over the years making that path of speculations over speculations no different than the speculative path of Religion. Of course, no mention was made whether or not the presumed Big-Bang explosion was an out-of-the-blue singular isolated event leading to the creation of our Universe OR whether, in fact, that Big-Bang is part of a "natural" system of such explosions leading up to the creations of other universes similar to ours.



In TRUTON, as outlined in a
previous page, we follow to the letter the method employed by Mathematics in discovering new things. Our start in TRUTON is identical to the one employed in Mathematics. A System of Axioms found, say, in Geometry is being replaced in TRUTON with the most general simplest primeval physical system that our cultivated Mind can conceive to exist. Out of that given most general simplest primeval foundation, using our rational deductive reasoning, and only that reasoning, we shall attempt to reconstruct the birth and the development of Nature --an entity yet to be defined. The existence of our Universe should emerge as one of the many universes that are populating Nature.

All formations and phenomena in TRUTON are straightforward consequences derived from our rational deductive reasoning and nothing else. No willy-nilly events, such as the speculated Big-Bang event, will ever be part of TRUTON. The creation of events and phenomena in TRUTON will have no mystical connotations of any sort as they will be the result of logical inferences and nothing else identical to how results and discoveries are achieved in Mathematics. In a nutshell, this is the blueprint of TRUTON that we shall attempt to follow.

We call Nature the totality of all existing things. We call Prena (pN) the given preexistent state of Nature that must represent the most general simplest physical system that our cultivated Mind can conceive to exist.
. We begin with our identification of Prena by seeking to identify the primeval given ingredients that should exist in Prena. Because they are given ingredients, their origin cannot be questioned in a meaningful manner similar as we can cannot question, in a meaningful way, the primeval elements employed in Mathematics.

In TRUTON, fostering the stated method of Mathematics and adding to it our cultivated Common Sense, we define now a given primeval entity as an entity whose origin cannot be questioned in a meaningful way and which, in addition, is satisfying these three (3) basic conditions:
  i) its state of existence is the simplest conceivable state and hence its state cannot be reduced into a more simpler state --the bottom-line requirement;
 ii) its state of existence cannot be derived from anything else --the inception requirement; and,
iii) its state of existence is unique --the uniqueness requirement.

Armed with that understanding, let us begin looking for TRUTON's given primeval ingredients.

1. On the Given Primeval Ingredients

We begin with this bottom-line primeval inquiry by asking this simple, but rather fundamental question:

In physical terms, what is the absolute simplest structure that a domain or a volume can have?

To this, one may respond with the trivial answer that the simplest structure is no structure at all, i.e., that the domain be unstructured. The void (VO) therefore is the most trivial candidate.

But now, let's say that someone else will intervene in that discussion, stating that we may conceive as an equally good answer that of "filling up" the respective volume with a material continuum that has in fact a given finite, constant, non-zero, material density whose value can only be increased through compression, but it can never be decreased. We call that unilateral elastic continuum substance that can only be compressed, but not decompressed, the xenobase (XB) and add, that it has the lowest non-zero material density that could exist.

That xenobase (XB) substance, as defined, satisfies all three conditions of a given entity. Indeed, the first two conditions are straightforward and, for the proof of its uniqueness characteristic, see it below:

   Proof of the Uniqueness of the Xenobase (XB) state:

To prove the uniqueness of the xenobase (XB), we resort at the classical method employed in Mathematics called in Latin "Reductio ad Absurdum" ('Reduction to the Absurd' or 'Proof by Contradiction') where we assume that the contrary is true and using deductive reasoning, we reach an absurdity.

We begin by assuming that XB is not unique i.e., that there are, say, two independent XB-blocks, XB1 and XB2, whose respective densities d1 and d2 , are different say d1<d2. As we begin squishing the XB1-block to increase its density d1 in an attempt to reach the value of d2 , the XB1-block transforms into a xenofluid (XF) block loosing therefore its XB-state. The uniqueness of the XB-state is firmly established as one, and only one, lowest material density can be associated with the XB-state.

   [By the way, we have called that rather strange continuum that only can be compressed but not decompressed the xenobase (XB), noting now that "xeno" in Greek means "strange." The "xeno" prefix will be associated with other "strange" primary entities.]

Combining those two answers with respect to the simplest structure a physical domain can have, we arrive at the most general simplest physical structure of a domain that is a xenobase mass with holes of void in it, called holeons (Øs), as in a sponge or a Swiss-cheese block. We call an object or block with that structure the baseholon (bHL) (figure at left) that represents indeed the most general physical structure that could exist at the base level state of existence.

The two ingredients, the xenobase (XB) and Void (VO), are satisfying all three conditions as of being given primeval entities and, as such, they are said to represent the primeval given ingredients. No other base level (BALE) ingredient our cultivated Mind could conceive and, as such, baseholons (bHLs) are the most general entities to be found at the base level state of existence of Nature --an entity yet to be defined.

Those two primeval BALE ingredients, XB and VO, can coexist side by side and they can preserve their respective identities as neither of them can convert one into another. Thus their admixture, called the primeval BALE admixture, represent the simplest and most general structure that a domain or volume can have. We mark that pivotal recognition into

The First Universal Transcendental Principle Of TRUTON (1st UTPOT):
The Ultimate Primeval Ingredients (UPIs)
The xenobase (XB) and the absolute vacuum (AVA) are the only primeval given ingredients out of which everything else is made up. Those two primary base level (BALE) ingredients are irreducible in the sense that there is no physical process that can convert one into another, reduce them into something else, or generate them from something else.

.1. We call prematter (pM) the admixture of the xenobase (XB) and the absolute vacuum (AVA) and write this symbolically as follows: pM={XBAVA}. In there, the xenobase (XB) is the material component of prematter while the absolute vacuum (AVA) is its non-material component.
.2. We call premass (pM) a block (or body) of prematter that contains in it its material component.

With the introduction of prematter (pM) and of the baseholons (bHLs), the picture of Prena begins to emerge: BHL and XB blocks surrounded by the limitless void that is absolute vacuum (AVA). Is that the most general picture of Prena that we could conceive to exist? Well, the answer to that is a resolute NO because up to this point, we have considered Prena to be in a static state. But a static state is indeed only a particular case of a linear translatory (LITRA) motion of constant speed where that constant, for the static case, is ZERO.

And that rather fundamental recognition that the stationary state of rest, is in fact a particular case of a linear translatory (LITRA) motion of constant speed was perhaps first recognized by Isaac Newton who in his seminal Principia, placed as his First Law Of Motion (FLOM) this proposition:

"Every body continues in its state of rest, or of uniform motion in a straight line, unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed upon it." [underline supplied].

Motion thus is a fundamental primeval ingredient of Prena and, as such, we can talk thus about the given primeval dynamics of Nature (PRIDON). In this spirit, we note of the recognition that Kant's Motto, placed at the top of our pages, needs to be amended to incorporate
motion alongside matter (at their absolute simplest form of existence) as the base foundation for the primeval given constituents of Nature:
"Give me the simplest form of matter and motion,
and I will construct, out of them, the world of Nature."

2. The Primeval Dynamics Of Nature (PRIDON)
As the Generator of Primary Evolution

From the introduced primeval dynamics (PRIDON), we recognize that Prena's primeval blocks (of XB and BHL), by executing random LITRA motions, will disturb Prena's "tranquillity" and stability because some of those moving blocks will inevitably collide one into another. The simple fact that the given primeval dynamics that exists in Prena can disturb its stability is a most remarkable recognition indeed, since evolution can occur only when stability is being broken or destroyed. No evolutionary act can occur without a disturbance of some sort. We mark that rather fundamental recognition on evolution into


The Second Universal Transcendental Principle Of TRUTON (2nd UTPOT):
The Universal Principle of Evolution (UPE)

Evolution can occur only when and where stability is being disturbed and broken OR where stability does not exist.

If the disturbance is required for evolution to occur, then an agent must exist that would create the disturbance. What that agent could be? --is another part of the puzzle that needs now to be elucidated.

From the primeval dynamics (PRIDON) in Prena, we can "see" not only the origin of the primeval evolution, but also the agent that was able to create it: the Collision. That monumental finding of the role of Collision as being the creator of the primeval evolution makes Collision as the primeval agent of creation (PAC). We mark that truly monumental finding of the role of the Collision into
The Third Universal Transcendental Principle Of TRUTON (3rd UTPOT):
The Primeval Agent of Creation (PAC)
The ultimate master agent of creation is the Collision.

.Remark: For those seeking comfort in the existence of a "Creator of the Universe" (embodied in the elusive, indefinable, omnipresent, multifaceted God) and interested in deciphering the Creator's "modus operandi," then in TRUTON, the Collision plays that role of the "Creator." In TRUTON, all primeval "tools" of creation are derived from Collision.

The creation of our Universe, from the many existing universes is, as we shall see, a direct product of the Collision. The evolution and the formation of new qualitatively objects cannot exist without the existence of the Collision.

[It is perhaps of interest to note that it was Immanuel Kant in his Cosmolgy ("Universal Natural History and Theory Of Heavens," Part II, Chapters 1, 8) who first advocated, trough his cosmological doctrine, of a mechanical origin of the Universe. One such physical Collision, out of the many to be found in Prena, represents indeed that physical origin of our existing Universe as contemplated by Kant with so much conviction and zeal.

With respect to the primeval initial dispersion setup of Nature, Kant made these stunning introductory remarks in the Preface of his noted Cosmology book that resemble, in a way, the initial dispersion setup of TRUTON's cosmology:

"Now I will confidently [...] assume the matter of the whole world to be universally dispersed and I make complete chaos of it. I see matter form in accordance with the established laws... Without the assistance of any arbitrary inventions, I enjoy the pleasure of seeing the creation of a well-ordered whole by reason of established laws of motion which looks so much like the system of the world we have before our eyes that I cannot help but regard it as the same. This unexpected development of the order of Nature on a large scale initially seems suspicious to me because it bases such a composite rightness on such a poor and simple foundation."]

I. Kant


Now that we have identified the
Collision as the ultimate PAC (primal agent of creation), it is clear that the study of the primeval collisions of Prena's XB-blocks will lead to the very beginning of Creation. The study of xenobase (XB) is therefore essential in discovering the results generated by the Collision. The properties of the xenobase (XB) substance are of paramount importance for that study to take place. So far, we have introduced XB as being a continuum of the lowest material density that can be readily compressed, but impossible to decompressed.

Upon compression, the xenobase (XB) transforms into a qualitatively new substance called xenofluid (XF) whose density is function with the level of compression: the greater the compression, the greater the density of XF is. At a maximum finite compressional level, the xenofluid (XF) will transform into a qualitatively new substance called xenorigid (XR).
Now going back to
xenobase (XB), we add to it a rather subtle propery of characterization, namely that it has a base resistance to compression (BAREC) that springs from the recognition that when the xenofluid (XF) is left unconstrained, it will decompress to the xenobase (XB) state. When that happens, we note that the decompression is subject to the influence of an inertia generated by the acting compressional force which will continue to exist after the formation of the xenobase (XB).
.That compressional force to be reintroduced in the next page as the ergoforce/ergofield (erF) is being entrapped by the non-stretchable formed xenobase (XB). And that erF entrapment will create an inherent tension into the XB-mass.
.The origin of BAREC is therefore due to XB's inherent tension that was created at its birth. The necessity of BAREC's existence is further cemented in the next page. There, the preservation tendency mark of creation (PT-UMOC) is being introduced, part of the Ultimate Marks Of Creation (UMOCs) that dictates the existence of a BAREC.

Xenofluid (XF), as introduced, is a direct product of compression that was created by the Collision --the ultimate master agent of creation. A fundamental question that now emerges is under what condition(s) a compressional state, once created, can be sustained for the inanimate entities (such as the xenofluid) that do not possess per se a mechanism of retaining their acquired compressional state?

Well, the necessary condition, for sure, is to lift all the existing constrains. Is that also the sufficient condition for a compressed state to return to its initial decompressed state? Well, our Common Sense may guide in the affirmative, but that guidance is WRONG! And that is because our rational deductive reasoning makes us aware that as in the case of compression (where a compressional force is present), we need to have an underneath reversal force causing the decompression. Without the action of such an underneath reversal force, the decompression cannot take place.

We mark this rather subtle and profound recognition into
The Third Foundational Universal Recognition Of Nature (3rd FURON): 
The Force Dependency Principle (FODEP)
The Necessary and Sufficient Condition for Decompression to Take Place

Asides from lifting all constrains, a compressed inanimate state will return to its initial decompressed state only if an underneath decompressing acting force is present to achieve that end. Compressed states that do not possess such an underneath acting force will remain compressed. We call that force dependency requirement for decompression to take place the Force Dependency Principle (FODEP).

As we shall see, as we further advance with TRUTON and identify the global underneath decompressing acting force in Nature, we will be able to recognize that the decompressed baselevel state of the xenobase (XB) represents matter's ultimate
"objective of existence" noted in the 2nd FURON. That we can talk about an ultimate "objective of existence" of matter --that, in itself, is quite remarkable indeed as it will open for us a new underneath vista through which we can see Nature at its most fundamental level of existence. We will continue and expand with this recognition staying focus on Prena that is indeed the precursor of Nature. Out of Prena, the embryonal Nature will emerge --the overall subject of the next page.



Kalman Klim Brattman.