by Kalman Klim Brattman
Give me the simplest form of matter and motion,
and I will construct, out of them, the world of Nature.
"Give me matter, and I will construct a world out of it."
Immanuel Kant, Kant's Cosmology
("Universal Natural History and Theory Of Heavens")
8. On Evolution and its Fundamental Characteristics of Existence

As we have noted in the previous page, the derived spinoflon (sFL) represents the first act of primeval evolution and, as such, let us take a closer look at evolutionary acts that makes up Nature.


  On the Anatomy of Evolution  

In a previous page, we have viewed matter through a special "lens" --the
"baselevel lens" through which we were able to "see" the matter's ultimate objective of existence, called baseolution, and formulated it in the 8th UTPOT stating that matter has both a predisposition and an objective of staying at its simplest form of existence. The physical process designed to implement baseolution was called baseleveling and the physical law expressing all that was called the Ultimate Baselevel Law Of Nature (UBLON).

If nothing was out there to stop baseolution, then the end result would have been of a Nature containing only an inert matter --the xenobase (XB) that would have remained in that state indefinitely. That static or "frozen" picture emerging from that scenario is far from the reality of Nature that actually exists. Indeed, Nature, as we actually see it and observe it, is totally different indeed from that inert picture of matter. Nature's matter is anything but stagnant or inert. Anywhere we look, "above" at its cosmic structure or "below" at its atomic structure, we see Nature to be a giant furnace with its matter bustling of activity !! (Our own existence, in fact, is the result of that bustling activity that matter has been engaged in.)

Another agent therefore must be present and at work which is capable not only of disturbing (a prerequisite as noted in UPE) and thus, opposing baseolution (that "baselevel" predisposition tendency of matter of staying and remaining unperturbed at its lowest base level of existence), but also to overpower it!

We call upolution that new agent which must exist opposing baseolution and, call upleveling the upolution's physical process of implementation, a process that has to work continuously in the opposite direction to the downward baseleveling. When and if upolution is able to overpower baseolution, we say that it was achieved or obtained an upleveling triumph (upT). Not all upleveling processes will result in successful outcomes and that recognition reveals of the selective nature of Creation. (By the way, the selective nature of Creation when transmitted to the "living matter" becomes the celebrated recognition of Charles Darwin vested in his seminal Principle of Natural Selection.)

Thus, an upT represents the result of a successful upleveling act, i.e., the result of a winning battle, that can take some time to surface, over the entrenched downward baseleveling tendency. An upT, as it "pops-up" emerges to the "surface," will generate a passage point of matter (PPOM) that is residing at an upper level of organization of matter (LOOM). PPOMs are said to be the bottlenecking passage points (bPPs).

The level of organization of matter (LOOM) is an important cosmological concept as it revels the hierarchical evolutionary structure of matter and thus, of Nature. Through the lens of that layered configuration representing the evolutionary hierarchical stratification of matter, called the tiered evolutionary structure (TES), we can talk of the given primal base LOOM, of the follow-up particle LOOM, of the continuing follow-up atomic or chemical LOOM, of the still continuing follow-up molecular LOOM, of the continuing follow-up stellar LOOM, of the continuing follow-up galactic LOOM and finally, of the ultimate macrocosmic LOOM. (The TES edifice is being illustrated symbolically through the figure at left of the tiered structure of the Balinese Hindu shrines. The arena of existence of a LOOM, called loomex, is an integral part of the entire cosmological picture.)

We call BLOOM the primeval baselevel (or the bottom level) of organization of matter. BLOOM by residing at the absolute bottom level of Nature is a given primeval entity and is being represented in Prena.

Each LOOM establishes a hierarchical platform (HIPLA) through which Nature can be observed and studied. Collectively, the "elements" of a HIPLA are called hiplons. A hiplon-element of a HIPLA above the level of BLOOM is an aggregate of "elements" from the HIPLA "below." That is to recognize that
  • The "elements" of the HIPLA corresponding to the primal base LOOM (aka, the BLOOM) are the given xenobase (XB) and the derived xenovoid (XV) blocks;
  • The "elements" of the HIPLA corresponding to the particle LOOM (being the 1st LOOM) are the derived particles of Nature;
  • The "elements" of the HIPLA corresponding to the atomic or chemical LOOM (being the 2nd LOOM) are the derived atoms or chemical elements of Nature;
  • The "elements" of the HIPLA corresponding to the molecular LOOM (being the 3rd LOOM) are the derived molecules of Nature;
  • The "elements" of the HIPLA corresponding to the stellar LOOM (being the 4th LOOM) are the derived stars of Nature;
  • The "elements" of the HIPLA corresponding to the galactic LOOM (being the 5th LOOM) are derived galaxies of Nature; and finally,
  • The "elements" of the HIPLA corresponding to the macrocosmic LOOM (being the 6th LOOM) are the spinoverses (i.e., the universes) that are derived to exist in Nature, with our Universe being one of them.

The material objects emerging from a PPOM, and called uplons (upLs), are thus representing objects of a particular LOOM. Each subsequent LOOM generated out of the previous LOOM are said to be separated by a level distance. Thus, each such formed LOOM can be regarded as an evolutionary step in the steady hierarchical ascending ladder of matter (SHALOM) to be formed. We thus can talk not only of matter at various levels of existence (i.e., of LOOMs of various levels), but also can talk about the level distance between any two such consecutive LOOMs. Arguably, we can plot those LOOMs, into a evolutionary step-like diagram that will represent a visualization of SHALOM.


The punctuated string of upleveling triumphs (upTs) is called evolution. Thus, evolution is the end-results of successful upleveling acts. While a successful upleveling outcome is the result of a continuous process working non-stop in one (and only one) direction against downward baseleveling, the evolution is not a continuous phenomena or act, but is a punctuated one --emerging to the "surface" only in jumps or saltations through its passage points of matter (PPOMs).

That result and recognition that evolution occurs only in jumps or saltations (marked by its passage points --the PPOMs), need not surprise us as it is consistent with the leaping (or the popping-up) principle of creation formulated in the 6th UTPOT. Those evolutionary natural pop-ups resulted from upleveling triumphs (upTs) are, for instance, in biology, Darwin's exponents or representants of his "natural selection" formations.

It is important to stress, particularly for those who believe in the existence of a Creator (aka of a God), that in fact Darwin's natural selection process (coined to differentiate it from the artificial selection) is a self-selecting process in Nature as there is no outside power or Creator performing a selection of any sort!
.(As already noted, the recognition, that evolution is a punctuated rather than a continuous act, was first articulated in 1972 by Harvard University professors Niles Eldredge and Stephen Jay Gould.)

Evolution, through its passage points (PPOMs), leaves a track or a pattern --the pattern of SHALOM, called also the pattern of evolution of matter (POEM), that is able to establish the evolution's history from its very inception. And speaking of the inception, let's now identify that inception together with the agent that was able to created it.


   On the Basic Requirements for Evolution to Emergence and Take Hold     

For something to be created to exist, we need to have both the necessary and the sufficient conditions for that to happen.

Evolution, as we have seen, is the exclusive product of the upleveling process. In the 2nd UTPOT, when we studied the primeval dynamics of Prena, we noted that evolution can occur (i.e., is capable of occurring) only when stability is being broken. That implies that something else was needed to take place for evolution to actually take place. In other words, the 2nd UTPOT established only the necessary but not the sufficient conditions that were required to exist for the evolution to emerge.

The sufficient conditions required to exist for the evolution to actually take place emerged from the above study herein. Indeed, from the study above, we were able to recognize that for evolution actually to emerge, it must have a protector of sorts that will be able to shield it from the downward baseleveling effect that is ingrained into the fabric of matter itself. While the protector's main nemesis is indeed that downward baseleveling agent that is ingrained into the fabric of matter, the protector could have external nemeses that could doom its very existence. As such, the protector itself must be shielded from any external factors that could penetrate into its zone of action (ZOA) and interfere with its function. And that is because the protector is not equipped to deal with any arbitrary external factors.
.The protector's sole existence and defense is geared towards downward baseleveling and nothing else. Thus, as a prerequisite, it is required that its environment be free of any "impurities" or "contaminants." That means that the protector's zone of action (ZOA) must be in complete isolation from the rest, if such a rest does exist. Finally, the protector, in fact, must also be the agent that pushes unabated the upleveling process.

In Prena, and subsequently in the embryonal Nature (eN), all those conditions for the evolution to be created and to hold are being satisfied. The creator of all this is the Collision, the protector is the Spin, and the isolation is absolute as outside Prena or the embryonal Nature, there is nothing else that can produce any perturbations and, as such, so there are no contamination of any sort in that primeval global scenario.

We mark all that recognition on the basic characteristics of the emergence of evolution into
The Fourteenth Universal Transcendental Principle Of TRUTON (14th UTPOT):
On the Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Evolution to Emerge

.1. The Disturbance: A primary agent or factor must exist that is able to break-up or disturb the dormancy or the inert state of matter that is protected by its inherent baselevel tendency.
.2. The Shield: Upon the successful disturbance and break-up of baselevel tendency, a tool or mechanism, called toolon, must also exist or be formed that can shield the upleveling movement to continue to remain unperturbed.
.3. The Push: The toolon needs not only be able to protect or to shield the upleveling process, but also it must be able to sustain it, through a continuous uninterrupted "upward" push.
.4. The Strangulation or the Bottlenecking: The toolon, in its "upward" push, must eventually be able to pierce a "hole" into the current state (i.e., into the current LOOM) from where the upleveling triumph (upT) can be channeled to emerge forming a new passage point of matter (PPOM) known also as the bottleneck passage point (bPP).
.5. The Isolation: Finally, the toolon itself needs protection from its environment to isolate it from various external contaminants which, by entering into its environment, could doom, derail, or alter its pre-designed capabilities.

Remark: In Prena and thus in the embryonal Nature, the primary agent is the Collision and the toolon is the Spin. The xenofluid (XF) represents the very first upleveling triumph (upT) of Nature. Finally, let us note that since evolution is above all an act of creation, it must observe all the characteristics of creation enunciated in the 4th UTPOT.

An evolutionary formation that was created would be able to generate a LOOM only if it has a production mechanism called xenoproduction (XEP). Without a XEP, the evolutionary inanimate formation by not being able to populate its arena of existence --the lumex, it will not be able to generate a sustained LOOM.

Remark: XEP of inanimate mater is the precursor of the biological reproduction processes (asexual and sexual) of the "living" matter.

Thus, the emergence of evolution to take hold must possess a producing or reproducing mechanism of some sort. We mark that important recognition into
The Fifteen Universal Transcendental Principle Of TRUTON (15th UTPOT):
On the Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Evolution to Take Hold

A qualitatively evolutionary new material inanimate entity, once created, can generate within its "arena of existence" a new hierarchical Level Of Organization of Matter (LOOM) only if it possesses a "successful" multiplication mechanism of production or reproduction.

Now that we have grasped the concept of evolution and recognize to be the only mechanism of creation, let us see where that path of evolution will take us. We know, in advance, that matter has evolved from some primary particles, to the formation of atoms and molecules, to the formations of stars and planets, to the formation of galaxies --on one hand and, we also know on the other hand, that the inanimate brute matter was able eventually to transform, on Earth, into a different kind of matter --the animated matter represented by something that we call Life that lead to the formation of organic matter.

The mechanism of HOW all those types of evolved matter were being formed with their respective characteristics and states of existence is not completely understood to this day. And that is not too surprising considering Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle (HUP) which, at best, puts us on guard that the experimental results obtained at the atomic and subatomic scale need to be taken with considerable skepticism --taken thus "with a grain of salt" to use an American/English idiom. Most certainly from those nuclear experiments, we will never ever be able to devise a rational theory of matter at its primary level of organization.

For us, as stated on so many occasions, all the fundamental results on matter and its characteristics will be derived, as in Mathematics, from our rational deductive reasoning. Unlike Mathematics, however, we cannot divorce ourself from our cultivated Common Sense that always will be present. Starting with the next page, we begin our rather insurmountable task of discovering Nature from the foundation of TRUTON that we just have created. Expect for an arduous journey ahead with many bumps on the road --a road that has never been travelled before.



Kalman Klim Brattman