by Kalman Klim Brattman
Give me the simplest form of matter and motion,
and I will construct, out of them, the world of Nature.
"Give me matter, and I will construct a world out of it."
Immanuel Kant, Kant's Cosmology
("Universal Natural History and Theory Of Heavens")
5. On Energy, Mass, and the Formation of Embryonal Nature (Embryna)

In the previous page, we have introduced Prena as the primeval given entity consisting of various xenobase (XB) blocks gliding at various constant speeds, in various directions, in the surrounding void (VO) space. That linear translatory (LITRA) motions of those moving objects are representing the given primeval dynamics (PRIDON) that originates in Prena. LITRA motion is thus an integral part of Prena.

As ingredients, the xenobase (XB) was considered to be the given primeval material ingredient, while the void (VO) was considered to represent the given primeval non-material component. We have called prematter (pM) that primeval admixture of xenobase (XB) and void (VO). Finally, we have called baseholon (BHL) a XB-block with holes of void in it that were called holeons (Øs).

Continuing now with our examination of Prena, we recognize that the only events that are possible to exist there, are the collisions of its various XB-blocks. Thus, if anything is to be created in Prena, then the Collision must be the Creator therein as there is nothing else out there that could exist in creating anything. The acts of creation that collision would create ought to be of two kinds:
  • one, that can produce stable, self-sustained states of existence that exist after the cause that created them is no longer present, and
  • the other, that can produce unstable states of existence that cannot sustain themselves once they have been created.

In our attempt to build up Nature from the Principles of TRUTON, our primary interest, of course, is in the self-sustained, stable acts of Creation. In Nature, only
material entities and motions can be created. They are distinct acts of physical creations separated by their own independent existence and, united by their symbiotic interdependence as no one can exist without the other. Notwithstanding their distinctiveness, they embrace nevertheless certain common characteristics that are at the substratum of all Creations as recognized in

The Fourth Universal Transcendental Principle Of TRUTON (4th UTPOT):
The Ultimate Marks Of (Physical) Creation (UMOCs)

. 1. A stable, self-sustained inanimate state of existence that was created has the natural tendency to stay idle and preserve its created state of existence barring the existence of an active undercutting agent. We call that characteristic the preservation tendency mark of creation (PT-UMOC).
. 2. To a created stable, self-sustained inanimate state of existence, we can associate, by PT-MOSC, a resistance to change (RETOC) that is limited in strength and, call that characteristic the resistance limit mark of creation (RL-UMOC).
. 3. A non-null state of existence (created or given) can never ever be able to be transformed or reduced into a null state of existence as there is no transformation or process that can achieve that end. That is to say that an existing non-null state can never ever be made to disappear and thus be reduced or transformed into Nothingness --an entity devoid of everything but its own existence and, whose "fabric" is void (VO). We call that characteristic, the permanent existential mark of creation (PE-UMOC).
. 4. There is no physical transformation in Nature or anywhere else that can convert Nothingness into a non-null state of existence. That is to say that a no-null state of existence can never be created out of the null state of existence. We call that characteristic, the substantive foundational mark of creation (SF-UMOC).
. 5. A material state of existence that was able to be created in one place, can be created in a multitude of other places of similar conditions as there is no rationale from barring that to happen. We call that characteristic, the multitude existence mark of creation (ME-UMOC).
. 6. A material state of existence can never ever be characterized by physical parameters or processes whose values are infinite. All physical parameters and processes of a creation have finite values. No physical parameter of a material creation can increase or decrease in its value indefinitely. No physical processes can exist in Nature without a finite end. We call that finitude characteristic, the finite value mark of creation (FV-UMOC).

Now, to the ultimate marks of creation (UMOCs) expressed in the above 4th UTPOT, we add below these remarks:
. Remark 1: The preservation tendency mark of creation (PT-UMOC) assures that barring the existence of an undermining agent, a newly formed state of existence will preserve indefinitely its new acquired state of existence. In particular, we note the preservation of the xenobase (XB) is implemented through BAREC.
. Remark 2: The resistance limit mark of creation (RL-UMOC) implies the existence of a concealed resisting (CORE) force to change its status and which when applied to motion leads to the concept of inertia and of the existence of an endowed inertial force (INFO).
  • For linear motions, we can talk about linear inertia that become visible in an accelerated or decelerated linear motion.
  • For rotational motions, we can talk about rotational inertia (known also as the moment of inertia) that becomes visible through the effects of the well known radial centrifugal (CF) force and of the less known transversal Coriolis and Euler forces.

Contrary to the current ill-existing nomenclature, these concealed resisting (CORE) forces are not fictional, fictitious, or apparent as they are REAL indeed existing independently from our own existence! (BTW, Physics does not deal with fictional, imaginary entities and concepts as they are not part of its studies!)
.As motion is a REAL phenomenon being independent from our own existence, so is the INFO that emerges from motion. The real existence of INFO surfaces when motion transforms from a constant velocity to a variable one --be it a variation in direction or a variation in speed.
.The recognition that motion is endowed from its birth with a force --the inertial force (INFO) brings us to the monumental unifying recognition of Nature vested into
The Fourth Foundational Universal Recognition Of Nature (4th FURON): 
Force as the Ultimate Substratum of Nature

Force by being the integral part of both mattter and motion represents the ultimate substratum of Nature, with matter being endowed with the compressional force (COFO) while motion being endowed with the inertial force (INFO).

. Remark 3: The permanent existential mark of creation (PE-UMOC), assures that Nature, as a whole, will never ever diminish its arena of existence as no part of Nature can disappear and be transformed into Nothingness. The permanency and the integrity of Nature's arena of existence is therefore firmly secured.
. Remark 4: By the substantive foundational mark of creation (SF-UMOC), it follows that Einstein's relativistic mass formulated in his Special Theory of Relativity is an impossibility to exist being thus a lunacy devoid of any sense. Mass cannot be created out of Nothingness through motion or through any other process.
. Remark 5: By the recognition of multiple places of existence as noted above under ME-UMOC, we recognize that isolated parcels of Nature (PARONs) separated by the Nothingness medium are in existence. That recognition is able to provide for us with the most general representation of Nature --that of being an aggregate of PARONs.
. Remark 6: By the finitude, i.e., by the finite value mark of creation (FV-UMOC), it follows that the current accepted Big-Bang cosmological model that considers that our Universe emerged somehow, willy-nilly, out of some point of infinite mass, density and temperature is nonsensical and delusional on a number of fronts.

While here, let us note now that in Prena, the sole primeval physical parameter in existence is the density. And that implies that out of the density concept, all other physical parameters and states of existence must be created or derived from. We mark that remarkable recognition into

.The Fifth Universal Transcendental Principle Of TRUTON (5th UTPOT):
Density --the Ultimate Physical Parameter

The material density, by being the sole primeval physical parameter of Prena, stands therefore at the foundation of all other physical parameters to be born out of Prena (such as temperature, gravity, etc.). In this respect therefore, the material density represents the ultimate physical parameter from where all other physical parameters and states of existence must be created, rooted, or derived from.

By the finite value mark of creation (FV-UMOC), it follows that the material density nor any other physical parameter can reach the infinite value --a concept of Mathematics that has no counterpart or meaning in the physical realm of Nature. Only to non-physical mental concepts or entities (such as the Space or Time) we can associate, in a meaningful manner, indefinite parameters.

The simple recognition that an increment in density (and nothing else) of the xenobase (XB) substance will generate --through compression-- all the available new qualitative states of existence of the compressed xenobase (cXB), makes us realize that the variation in one direction of a physical parameter will eventually lead to new qualitatively material states of existence. A qualitatively new state will "pop-out" from the old state as a result that its physical parameter will fall outside the range of resistance of RETOC associated with that old state of existence. We mark this central recognition of how a new state of existence is being born out of an old one in


.The Sixth Universal Transcendental Principle Of TRUTON (6th UTPOT):
The Pop-Up Principle Of Creation (PUPOC)
A physical parameter of a particular state of existence by continuously increasing or decreasing its value will eventually reach a point where its value will fall outside the range of resistivity or tolerance of that particular state. When that happens, a new qualitatively state of existence will emerge. Thus, always a new state of existence is created through an abrupt jump or saltation.
Sub-Remark A: In Evolutionary Biology, this leaping (or the pop-up) principle represents its pillar in understanding the evolution and formation of a new species where the gradual cumulative trait in one single direction will lead into the "popping-up" of a new species. The evolutionary "leaps" are therefore a straightforward consequence of this principle and it represents the cornerstone of understanding how new species are being formed: not through a linear continuous transformation, but through evolutionary "jumps" or "leaps" or "saltations" as recognized first in 1972 by the American paleontologists Niles Eldredge and Stephen Jay Gould of Harvard University.

Sub-Remark B: The first recognition that in general "quantitative change leads to qualitative change" was done by the great German idealist philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel who in 1874 published the Encyclopaedia of the Philosophical Sciences where in its section "The Logic," he gave this beautiful example with respect to the consequences of the variation of temperature for water:
"... the temperature of water is, in the first place, a point of no consequence in respect of its liquidity: still with the increase or diminution of the temperature of the liquid water, there comes a point where this state of cohesion suffers a qualitative change, and the water is converted into steam or ice." [Underline supplied.]

.However, Hegel considered all that recognition as being a Law of Logic or Thought rather than a Law of Nature. It was the philosophy of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels that reversed completely that dialectics created by Hegel and transformed it into a materialistic dialectics where Hegel's laws became laws of Nature rather than laws of Thought. Indeed, Karl Marx in his Das Kapital, vol.1 noted that Hegel's idealism "is nothing else than the material world reflected by the human mind, and translated into forms of thought" turning thus Hegel's dialectics "upside down."

Changing direction, and turning our attention to the
motion --the other primeval given ingredient of Prena, we enunciate now

The Universal Theorem of Motion (UTOM)
The Preservation Principle of Motion (PPOM):
The Principle of Universal Inertia (PUI) in Absolute Vacuum (AVA)

Material objects, in an absolute vacuum (AVA) medium, moving at a constant speed or at rest, have the natural tendency to preserve their constant state of motion or rest, continuously resisting any change of their existing state of uniform motion or rest.

Motion, by being an act of real creation, and being part of Prena's
PRIDON, will subscribe to all marks of creation (UMOCs) enunciated above in the 4th UTPOT. In particular, from the preservation tendency mark of creation (PT-UMOC) and its resistance to change (RETOC), the Principle of Universal Inertia (PUI) is a straightforward consequence.


Historical Remarks and Observations on PPOM:


.1. Some 2000 years ago, Aristotle (circa 335 BC to 322 BC), who vehemently rejected the existence of an absolute vacuum (AVA) in Nature, noted this much in his book of Physics:

19. (4) "In a void there is no reason why a thing should stop here rather than there; so if it moves at all, it will move for ever." And,
22. (5) "Things are supposed to move into a void because it is yielding; but a void is equally yielding everywhere, so that there should be movement in every direction."

Aristotle's Physics.
Revised text with Introduction and commentary by Sir W. David Ross;
1998 Oxford University Press; pp. 380-381, § 215(a) points 19(4) and 22(5)




.2. Many centuries latter, after the works of Nicolaus Copernicus and Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton in his seminal Principia (Definition III) defined inertia, if our reading is correct, to be an innate property of matter as follows:

"The vis insita, or innate force of matter, is a power of resisting, by which every body, as much as in it lies, continues in its present state, whether it be of rest, or of moving uniformly forwards in a right line." [Underline supplied.]




Sir Isaac Newton's Principia
Motte's Translation
University of Calliforna Press, 1966, Vol, I, p. 2.

Newton considered inertia (if our reading above is correct) to be an "innate force" of matter. Let us make this point clear: matter does not possess such a thing. Inertia, in fact, is not a property of matter, but is a property of motion. Motion and not matter is endowed with that "innate force." While it is true that both matter and motion subscribe to the same tendency of preserving their respective states (PT-UMOC) and, that both have an inherent resistance to change (RETOC) --they nevertheless reside on totally different plateaus of existence and, as such, they never ever can be interchanged one with another in a meaningful way. This very point is again emphasized in a subsequent page in here.

.3. Another attribute given to the inertial force is that it is not a real force, but that is a fictitious force! For starters, let us again make this clear: Physics does not deal with fictitious or phantom forces or entities!! Those type of subjects are outside of the realm of Physics or of any Natural Sciences. All the so-called pseudo-forces are real forces that exist in Nature. They are not fictional, imaginary entities. Isaac Newton brilliantly described the inertial force as a real force with a dual characteristic --that of resistance and of an impulse as follows:
Newton's Commentary on Inertia Posted in his Definition III

"This force is always proportional to the body whose force it is and differs nothing from the inactivity of mass, but in our manner of conceiving it. A body, from the inert nature of matter, is not without difficulty put out of its state of rest or motion. Upon which account, this vis insita may, by a most significant name, be called inertia (vis inertiæ) or force of inactivity. But a body only exerts this force when another force, impressed upon it, endeavors to change its condition; and the exercise of this force may be considered as both resistance and impulse; it is resistance so far as the body, for maintaining its present state, opposes the force impressed; it is impulse so far as the body, by not easily giving way to the impressed force of another, endeavors to change the state of that other. Resistance is usually ascribed to bodies at rest, and impulse to those in motion; but motion and rest, as commonly conceived, are only relatively distinguished; nor are those bodies truly at rest, which commonly are taken to be so." [Underline supplied.]

ibidem, Definition III from Principia


.4. Finally, we know what inertia is. It is not an attribute of matter as apparently Newton considered to be, but is an attribute of motion as derived in PPOM and amplified in the above Remark 2. However, let us note that therein inertia was considered to exist with respect to an absolute vacuum (AVA) medium that was well understood back to the time of Aristotle.


R. Feynman
.How inertia is being transmitted from an absolute vacuum medium into the cosmic material medium of Nature? is a question that needs yet to be answered.
.Richard Feynman in his book "The Character Of Physical Law" (MIT Press, 1965, p. 19) noted:

"The reason why [cosmic] things coast for ever has never been found out. The law of inertia [in the cosmic space] has no known origin." [Underline supplied.]

Thus, Feynman's question as to WHY objects coast forever in the cosmic space of Nature (that is far from being an absolute vacuum medium), is a question that has yet to receive its answer. And that subject is to be treated in a subsequent page after we have identified the material nature of the cosmic space.

  On the Energy Concept   
.The concept of energy -- has been indeed an intriguing concept that has baffled physicists, other scientists, philosophers and thinkers for quite some time, being unresolved, in fact, to this very day. That state of incertitude was perhaps best described by the noted late Physics Nobel Laureate Professor Richard Feynman (photo here and above) who noted this in his famous Lectures on Physics (Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, 1963) in Section 4-1 entitled "What Is Energy?," as we quote:

"Energy has a large number of different forms, and there is a formula for each one. These are: gravitational energy, kinetic energy, heat energy, elastic energy, electrical energy, chemical energy, radiant energy, nuclear energy, mass energy. If we total up the formulas for each of these contributions, it will not change except for energy going in and out. It is important to realize that in physics today, we have no knowledge of what energy is."

Asides from elucidating what energy is, another fundamental line of inquiry that comes up is this one:

All forms of energy that have been identified in Nature must arguably have a common source of primeval energy (PRIEN) as Nature's energy, pursuant to the substantive foundational mark of creation (SF-UMOC), could not have been created or infused out of nothingness (an entity devoid of everything, but its own existence). And the place to look for that PRIEN must be, no other, than Prena --the state of the preexisting Nature.

So, as you can see, we have a full plate in front of us!

Currently, energy is being defined as the "ability" to do work or create heat. Well, that definition of energy is not acceptable on the grounds that it lacks any physical substratum being par excellence a non-physical definition that needs to reside outside of the realm of Physics. Indeed, the "ability" or "disability" to do something cannot stand in lieu of a physical parameter, property, or entity. As such, energy cannot be defined as an ability of some sort, but it must be defined as being something else having a physical origin and connotation. Therefore, our quest in elucidating the energy concept must be centered in discovering its physicality that must exist and, as such, it need not be embedded or associated with our mental existence.



We begin our quest in elucidating the physical nature of the primeval energy (PRIEN) by noting first that the Collision (the ultimate master agent of creation), which is a certain natural occurrence in Prena, carries with it a hit force, called hitoforce (hF). That hitoforce (hF), upon impact of a xenobase (XB) block collision, will not vanish transforming into nothingness, but, by Newton's First Law Of Motion (FLOM), it will transform into an inertial force (INFO) of impingement. Now, depending of the particular circumstance, an INFO can EITHER generate a deflection of the stricken XB-block --when that block opposes no resistance to motion, OR generate a qualitatively new mass of the XB-block --a compressed mass (COMA) when the stricken block is unmovable.

As such,

We call the primeval energy (PRIEN) the physical resultant of the transmission of an inertial force (INFO) derived from Prena's primeval XB-blocks collisions.

Thus, as already recognized, an INFO will produce a deflection of a XB-block that has no resistance to motion, generating as such a kinetic energy of motion (KEOM) and, it will produce a compressional mass (COMA) when the stricken XB-block resist motion being unmovable. In that latter case, INFO will produce a compressional energy (COEN), called in TRUTON the ergoenergy (erE), that transform the stricken mass into a qualitatively new mass-substance that is endowed with COEN and called ergomass (erM).

We say that an ergomass (erM) is mass-substance infused with ergoenergy (erE) and, define an ergovolume (erVOL) as a volume infused with ergoenergy (erE). And when that volume is a vacuum, the corresponding ergovolume (erVOL) is called ergovoid (erV).

Additional Notes:
1. From PRIEN, the physical nature of energy is fully established. The inertial force (INFO) carries with it an inertial energy (INEN) that, as seen above, is manifesting its existence either as a kinetic energy of motion (KEOM) or as a compressional energy (COEN).

2. The primal energy (PRIEN) concept just introduced has at its substratum the recognition that by the permanent existential mark of creation (PE-UMOC), a hitoforce (hF) once it was created, cannot vanish and transform into nothingness --an entity devoid of everything, but its own existence. That is to say that the physical resultant of transmission of a hitoforce (hF), that defines the substratum of PRIEN, can never ever be a null or a non-existing entity.

G. W. Leibnitz

3. Using in a way the lingo employed by Gottfried Wilhekm Leibnitz, the resultant of an INFO transmission is said to be infused with an underneath inertial "vis-viva" living force that can generate either a kinetic energy of motion (KEOM) or a compressional energy (COEN), aka ergoenergy (erE), of a newly created compressed mass (COMA), aka ergomass (erM).

That dual nomenclature COMA -erM and COEN-erE reflects the dual facets of the energy concept.

The study of the primeval
ergoenergy (erE) that emerges in Prena is essential in the deciphering the Nature's underlying base platform of operation. And that is because, energy (which springs from that base-level platform) is the backbone of Nature being in fact the motor that fuels its evolution and development.

Let us begin with this primal study of the fabric of energy by noting that an ergomass (erM) is a brute mass infused with ergoenergy (erE). We call ergosea (erS) the arena of existence of the ergoenergy (erE) within ergomass (erM).

The primal ergoenergy (erE) in Prena emerged as the resultant of an infused compressional force of impingement into a xenobase (XB) mass that opposes resistance to motion. We can talk then about the strength (or the power) of the ergoenergy (erE) that corresponds to the strength or the power of the generating hitoforce (hF).

. The compression of xenobase (XB) generates a qualitatively new state --the xenofluid (XF) state. The hitoforce, in that case, has converted itself into a compressional force that created the XF-mass. We say that a XF-mass is a XB-block infused with a compressional force that is construed to be a form of field energy called ergofield (erF) that can also be viewed as a dispersed ergoforce (erF).
. The compression of a xenobase (XB) mass cannot go indefinitely, as it will exist a maximum finite limit of compression when the compressed xenobase (or the compressed xenofluid) will transform into a new state called, as introduced, the xenorigid (XR).
.There, in the xenorigid (XR), its ergoenergy (erE) is said to be locked-in and call that locked-in ergoenergy, the ergolock (erLK). The xenorigid (XR) therefore is said to be endowed with locked-in ergoenergy.

The ergofield (erF), i.e., that is ingrained into the xenofluid (XF) is responsible for creating the XF's tendency to decompress and diffuse to a so-called baselevel (BALE) state called the ergobase (erB) state that is the state of the xenobase (XB). The motor of that tendency is therefore the xenofluid's ingrained ergoforce (erF) that plays also the role of FODEP.

We call that natural tendency of the xenofluid (XF) to decompress to its ergobase (erB) state, the renormalization (RENO) property of XF which, by the way, has nothing to do with the renormalization of Quantum Field theory.

The role of the ergobase (erB) is paramount indeed as it represents the base platform from where the ergoenergy (erE) is emerging.

In the xenofluid's phase of natural decompression, its stored ergoenergy (erE) will diffuse until it reaches the ergobase (erB) state transforming the xenofluid (XF) into the xenobase (XB) state of existence.

To conclude, we note

i) That the ergoenergy (erE) and the ergobase (erB) are said to be the energy images (or better, the ergo images) of the xenofluid (XF) and xenobase (XB), respectively; and

ii) That we can view compression as infused ergoenergy and decompression as diffused ergoenergy.

and recognize also that
iii) To the density of the
xenofluid (XF) we can associate the densilevel (dL) concept as being the level of its density. Because the fabric of XF is ingrained with ergoenergy (erE), it follows that to the XF's densilevel (dL) we can associate the ergodensity (erD) concept of the corresponding ergolevel (erL) as being the strength level of XF's compression. When that level of compression is null, we get the null ergolevel (erL) corresponding to the xenobase (XB). We can write that as erL(XB)=0.

Remark: We note that the ergoenergy (erE) of the xenofluid (XF) is directly proportional with its density, increasing or decreasing in the same rapport with the increase or decrease of its density. Furthermore, we note that when the xenofluid decompresses completely and transforms into xenobase (XB), the corresponding ergoenergy (erE) is said to have reached its bottom null state --the called ergobase (erB) state.

We call that natural tendency of the xenofluid (XF) to decompress to its
ergobase (erB) state, the renormalization (RENO) property of XF which, by the way, has nothing to do with the renormalization of Quantum Field theory.

Continuing, we note that there is another recognition that needs to be made --namely, the recognition that a hitoforce (hF) upon impact on a XB-block that opposes no resistance to motion, it will not travel with, be attached to, or be imbedded or infused into the stricken XB-block. That recognition was most eloquently articulated by Newton, when explaining inertia, in his seminal Principia (Definition IV, ibidem), where he noted:

"This force consists in the action only, and remains no longer in the body when the action is over. For a body maintains every new state it acquires, by its inertia only."

.Remark: It is important to stress and differentiate between the case when the XB-block opposes and resist motion and the case when it is not.
In the former case, when resistance to motion does exist, Newton assertion that the force "remains no longer in the body" is no longer correct as the hitoforce (hF), as we have seen, stays now in the body and transforms itself into ergoenergy (erE) and the body's mass is being transformed into a new type of mass called ergomass (erM).

What then it will happen to that detached hitoforce (hF)?
As already noted, we know from the
permanent existential mark of creation (PE-UMOC) that something that was created (in this case, the hitoforce) cannot vanish and transform into nothing. Then, in this case,
.Into what that hitoforce (hF) will be transformed into? --is the converted question that is now facing us.

Well, the answer is that the separated hitoforce (hF) from the stricken XB-block will diffuse into the surrounding vacuum generating a force-field, called ergofield (erF), until it reaches its baselevel (BALE) state called basefield (BAFI).

That ergofield (erF) in a void medium, called ergovoid (erV), will decompress to the lowest finite base limit level of decompression called, the ergobase (erB) level. The ergofield (erF) at its ergobase (erB) level of existence is called basefield (BAFI). The extent of the created basefield (BAFI) is function of the strength of the hitoforce (hF): the greater its magnitude is, the greater the extent of the created basefield is going to be.

We call now the xenovoid (XV), an absolute vacuum (AVA) infused with a basefield (BAFI). Thus, now we can talk about "clouds" of XV that are "floating" in AVA.





A fundamental characteristic of a basefield (
BAFI), and thus of the new type of vacuum --the xenovoid (XV), is that, by being at its lowest attainable stretch, it can no longer be decompressed (and thus be stretched) any furter. That creates a rather subtle invisible impenetrable wall, called basenet (figure at right), for any radiation attempting to propagate in a xenovoid (XV). Such radiation will splatter on that basenet generating a splattered perpendicular radiation to the direction of the moving object that emanates the radiation.

BAFI can be compressed but not decompressed and call bafiflex that unilateral flexibility.

Remark: Let us note that the xenobase (XB) is also endowed with the bafiflex property.

The "fabric" of the xenovoid (XV) is thus the
basefield (BAFI) that can never ever be able to be transformed into Nothingness, i.e., into a volume of absolute vacuum (AVA). And that is because of the permanent existential mark of creation (PE-UMOC) which guarantees the xenovoid's permanent state of existence.

The physical existence of the ergoforce/ergofield (erF) introduced above was pioneered by Michael Faraday and James Clerk Maxwell in their studies of electromagnetism and below, we present a succinct historical note viewed through the lens of TRUTON.

On the Physical Reality of the Ergoforce/Ergofield (erF)


M. Faraday
Michael Faraday was the first, and perhaps the only one, to recognize of the real existence of the force-field polysemy, as a stand-alone physical entity, in his studies of the magnetic and electric force/fields and of their unification into the electromagnetic force/fields. In fact, Faraday became more and more convinced during his life of the physical reality of those 'force fields' whose nature, in the end, he considered to be a substance of some sort through which the "lines of force" (electric or magnetic) show their existence.


J. C. Maxwell
On the other hand,
James Clerk Maxwell in his famous 4-part paper "On Physical Lines of Force" that is modeled on the "lines of force" introduced by Faraday, and where the famous tensor equations of electromagnetism are being introduced, would not subscribe to the Faraday's conjecture of a stand-alone physical entity for the force-field polysemy.

Maxwell instead, in his approach of finding a tensorial representation for the transmission of electric and magnetic forces, considered those transmissions to be states of stress and strain that were produced in the assumed aether medium of Nature.

That physical reality envisioned by Maxwell, following into the steps of Faraday, vanished completely with the advent of Einstein's Relativity which eliminated the existence of the aether medium altogether and replaced it, astonishingly, with Nothingness. With that elimination of a non-void medium of Nature, as advanced by Einstein some 100 years ago, Physics has been sucked in entering into an unfathomable dark path of the abyss from where now it must find a way out...

It is indeed the aim of TRUTON not only to dethrone the lunatic Einstein's Relativity, but also to pull back Physics from the "Black Hole" that it has fallen into. Its golden and rather torturous rational path of advancement eventually needs to surface and reign supreme again...

Viewed from the vista of TRUTON, both Faraday and Maxwell exhibited a correct physical representation of the force-field polysemy with Maxwell's representation being a direct and straightforward inference derived from Faraday's monumental stand-alone conjecture.

Indeed, the aether medium that in TRUTON is the xenofluid (XF) medium exists because it contains ergoenergy (erE) that was infused at XF's birth with the stand-alone ergoforce/ergofield (erF). However, the stand-alone ergoforce/ergofield (erF) can be infused not only into a xenobase (XB) block to create the xenofluid (XF), but it also can be infused into an absolute void (AVO) that exist in Prena generating an ergovoid (erV). The ergovoid (erV) upon decompression reaching the base level state transforms itself into a base level ergovoid (erV) called xenovoid (XV). With that vista, we are able to see now the parity that exists between the material and non-material environments as follows:
In Prena
(devoid of ergoenergy):
In Nature
(infused with ergoenergy):


Xenobase (XB)
Xenorigid (XR)


Absolute Vacuum (AVO)
Xenovoid (XV)
Ergovoid (erV)

In TRUTON, to avoid the confusion with the 'field concept' employed in Mathematics, we shall use, for the 'field' to be employed in Physics, the terminology of 'ergofield'. Also to distinguish the concept of 'force' employed in Mechanics or Mathematics from the one to be used in Physics, we will use in here the 'ergoforce' nomenclature. The 'ergo' prefix always will have the connotation of possessing 'energy'. That "ergo" nomenclature is very much in tune with Leibnitz's "vis viva" ("living force") lingo.

In the classical non-trutonian lingo, the three (3) resultant acts of creation springing from the hitoforce (hF) --the motion, the xenofluid, and the ergovoid, as diverse as they are, have a commonality among them, namely, that they are endowed, at their birth, with something that is called primal energy (PE). The energy resulted from motion is called mechanical energy, the one resulted from xenofluid is called the material energy, and the one resulted from the dispersion of force is called the field energy.

Thus, in summary, we come to the recognition that primal energy exists in three (3) basic forms:

that of a motion, called the mechanical energy, energy of motion, or the kinetic energy;
that of a substance, called ergosubstance (ES) --seated either in the xenofluid (XF) that, if unconstrained, will free completely its acquired ergoenergy (erE) returning back to its tensioned baselevel (BALE) state of existence --the xenobase (XB), or in the xenorigid (XR) that entraps and freezes/immobilizes its acquired ergoenergy (erE) transforming it into frozen energy (FROEN), and
that of a field, called ergofield (erF) --seated in the ergovoid (erV) that will diffuse into the xenovoid (XV) state.

Thus, the conversion of a hitoforce (hF) could be vested in the creation of a new motion (potential or kinetic) called the
dynamic conversion, OR could be vested in the creation of a field, the ergofield (erF), called the field conversion, that when infused into an absolute vacuum (AVA) will generate the xenovoid (XV) and, when infused into a xenobase (XB) generating a substance conversion vested in the creation of a new substance that is the xenofluid (XF) or the xenorigid (XR).

Let us note that the conversion of a hitoforce (hF) needs not be confused with its effect that it can have in various situations. For instance, the non-elastic deformations or the fractures are the effect-results of a released energy that need not be confused with the energy itself.

Those three (3) forms in which primal energy can exist ---motion-substance-field-- shows the complex multifaceted existence of energy.

Additional Remarks:
.The xenobase (XB) mass has been defined as a material continuum of the lowest existing density that can only be compressed but not decompressed or stretched. On the other extreme, we call xenorigid (XR) the maximum compressed xenosubstance (cXS). Collectively, all those three introduced states --the xenobase (XB), xenofluid (XF), and the xenorigid (XR) are said to form the states of existence of the xenosubstance (XS).
.Using the "ergo" terminology that is applicable only for the compressed xenosubstance (cXS), we get the ergosubstance (ES) with its states of existence --the ergofluid (EF) and ergorigid (ER).

[We note again that the ergoenergy (erE) of the XB-state has a null value, i.e., erE(XB)=0, being thus in the ergobase (erB) state of existence.]

.The extreme states of existence of the xenosubstance (XS), the xenobase (XB) --that is the maximum decompressed tensioned state of the XS and the xenorigid (XR) -- that is the maximum compressed state of XS, have one common characteristic namely that they are capable of entrapping (without the possibility of escape) their acquired ergoenergy (erE).

.We call xentropy that ironclad-entrapment of ergoenergy by the tensioned xenobase (XB) and by the xenorigid (XR). Those two extremes states of the xenosubstance (XS) freeze their respective acquired ergoenergies making them, in both cases, unavailable to be released.
.We can talk thus of the xentropy of the xenobase called basetropy and, of the xentropy of the xenorigid called rigitropy. The introduced frozen energy (FROEN) is the result of xentropy.

Note: The name "xentropy" was borrowed from the entropy concept of Thermodynamics representing the "thermodynamic quantity" that is not available to be converted into mechanical work by the system's thermal energy.

After all this, we mark now our stated recognition on the energy's multifaceted existence into


The Seventh Universal Transcendental Principle Of TRUTON (7th UTPOT):
On Energy's Multifaceted Existence

   A hitoforce upon striking a xenobase (XB) block will not cease its existence as it will convert into a motion, or into a substance, or into a field.
  •• The transmission of the three (3) possible conversions of the hitoforce (hF) will generate three (3) new and distinct capabilities called respectively the mechanical, the material, and the field energies.
••• The commonality of all those three (3) forms of energy is that they all spring from a transformed hitoforce that is being carried on a final resting place of existence.

Fundamental Clarificatory Remarks:


H. Poincaré

H. Lorentz
As matter and motion concepts cannot possibly be confused one with another, so are their corresponding energy concepts --the substance energy of matter (aka, the material energy) and the energy of motion (aka, the mechanical or kinetic energy) of a mass. Those two concepts not only that they cannot possibly be confused one with another, but also that they cannot be transposed one into another.
. Henri Poincaré's mass-energy formula E=mc2 and his "principle of relativity" of 1904 was lifted in 1905 by Albert Einstein and introduced into his Special Theory of Relativity (STR) without any reference to Poincaré's work. No coherent meaningful physical proof of that implausible formula was ever been provided by Einstein nor, for that matter, by anyone else.
. That the (internal, ingrained) energy of a block of mass (defined as the quantity of matter per its volume) can somehow be calculated from a formula containing the speed of light c is to us such an absurdity that no person, in his/her normal state of mind, could ever fall into such an unfathomable abyss.
.What possible relationship, correlation or connection could exist between the substance energy of a mass and the speed of light? To be able to entertain such a question, one indeed must fall and enter into the arena of the Absurd as only there that kind of question can possible reside.
The mathematical proof that subsequently emerged for the noted mass-energy formula E=mc2 was designed for the kinetic and not the material energy and, it was based on a relativistic foundation initiated by Hendrik Lorentz incorporating mental kinetic frames of reference. Those mathematical transformations performed through that mental framework, known as the Lorentz transformations, which Poincaré considered them to be of "supreme importance" laid in fact the foundation for Poincaré's stated "principle of relativity."
.That stated mass-energy mathematical formula E=mc2 that now incorrectly is being attributed to Einstein is, at best, a fictitious mathematical formula that has nothing to do with the reality of Nature as it was derived from mathematical and not physical frames of references that exist only in our Mind, but absent in Nature.
.To extrapolate a mathematical result (derived from a mental kinetic frames of reference foundation) to a physical reality describing Nature is indeed an act of shear insanity as the fundamental laws Nature exist and operate independently of our own existence, much less of how we, humans, see or perceive its reality from our various mental frames of reference that we can create independent from the physical reality of Nature!

[Indeed, the Advanced Mathematics has no concern whatsoever over the physical reality of Nature as its theories are build upon foundations that may have nothing, but absolutely nothing, in common with the physical reality of Nature!]

.Furthermore, a kinetic foundation cannot possibly be transposed to represent a formula for calculating the inherent internal substance energy of matter, i.e., for calculating its ergoenergy (erE). Indeed, the substance energy of a material block need not be a function of its state of motion or rest nor of whether it is being referenced to a particular mental frame of reference compared to another!
.. In TRUTON, the mass-energy equivalency is divided (or dissected, if you will) into two distinct components:

an external one, where mass (or better, inertial mass) is being associated with its external motion in space leading to the equivalency of (inertial) mass with its kinetic energy; and
an internal one, leading to the (noted below)
matter-ergoenergy equivalency, where mass is associated with its quantity of matter, as a substance, leading to the equivalency of matter with its internal energy. That equivalency springs from the recognition that the fabric of matter (as oppose to prematter) is ingrained, from its birth, with ergoenergy (erE).
E=mc2 --An Energy Formula of the Absurd

Einstein's attributed energy formula E=mc2 purported to show the equivalence of energy with mass is, as noted above, an exercise into the Absurd. How the speed of light c could possible have anything to do with the energy E of an arbitrary mass m is anybody's guess. Do we have any takers? 
.      BTW, By that lunatic energy formula, particles (such as photons) whose mass is assumed to be zero, will have arguably zero energy [sic!]. How more absurd it can get?


  On the Origin of Matter in Embryna (Embryonal Nature) 

As already recognized, the Collision carries with it an underneath non-observable agent --the hitoforce (hF). Through that agent, as we have seen, how the ergoenergy (erE) was able to be created in the fabric of both the material world (creating the xenofluid) and in the non-material field world (creating the xenovoid). Thus, both the xenofluid (XF) and xenovoid (XV) are endowed with energy. The recognition that energy can be a substance (xenofluid) and also a field (xenovoid) is remarkable indeed. With that recognition at hand, we can now introduce the concept of embryonal matter (eM).

The concept of prematter (pM) introduced in the previous page and mentioned above in our first paragraph was defined as being the admixture of the xenobase (XB) and the void (VO) and, we wrote that symbolically as: pM={XBVO}. Prena (pN) now could be defined as the entity whose sole ingredient is the prematter.

Now, we define the embryonal matter (eM) as being the admixture of xenofluid (XF) and ergovoid/xenovoid (erV/XV) and write this symbolically as: eM={XF, erV/XV}. The fundamental characteristic of eM is that it is endowed with energy --the ergoenergy (erE). Now, with the introduction of eM, we define the embryonal Nature (eN) as the entity evolved from Prena whose ingredient is the embryonal matter (eM ) and nothing else. Prena now can be viewed as being the primeval Nature entity. While Nothingness --an entity devoid of everything but its own existence is part of Prena, it is no longer part of the embryonal Nature and thus of Nature itself.

We stress again of the dramatic difference between the prematter (pM) and embryonal matter (eM) which is that the embryonal matter, as oppose to the prematter, is endowed with energy. That fundamental recognition make us see that

 .Matter is the prematter infused with activivic ergoenergy --the ergoviv (erV). Thus, the fundamental distinction is that matter is endowed with activivic ergoenergy while the prematter is not. And that differentiation, of course, is being transmitted between the concepts of mass and premass: mass is endowed with active energy while the premass (embodied into xenobase) is not.
 .The xenobase is called the frozen matter of the low-end variety (LEV) as opposed to the xenorigid that is of the high-end variety (HEV).
.Thus, the fundamental characteristic of the frozen matter (FROMA) is that, unlike matter, is devoid of activiv ergoenergy. Frozen matter (FROMA), as oppose to the regular matter, is said to be endowed with the locked-in frozen energy (FROEN).
 .Because the constituents of the frozen matter (FROMA) are the xenobase (XB) and the xenorigid (XR), we say that the frozen matter comes in two grades or varieties: a low-end variety (LEV) corresponding to the xenobase and, a high-end variety (HEV) corresponding to the xenorigid.



The fact that the
embryonal matter (eM) is infused with ergoenergy (erE) whose incarnation is the ergofield (erF) whose tendency is to decompress to its ergobase (erB) state, it follows --by the 7th UTPOT-- that the behaviour of the embryonal matter (eM), and thus of the matter itself, is dictated by the stated tendency of the ergofield (erF). And that recognition is most remarkable indeed as now we can talk about matter's objective of existence which is to strive to reside at its baselevel (BALE) state which is the one of the xenobase (XB) existence. That we can talk in a meaningful way about an objective for the matter's existence --that, in itself, is most remarkable indeed. That, in addition, we can also see what that objective is --that is even more startling indeed. We mark that rather astonishing recognition into


The Eight Universal Transcendental Principle Of TRUTON (8th UTPOT):
Matter's Ultimate Objective of Existence --the Baseolution

Compressed xenosubstance (cXS) and thus matter has one singular, ultimate objective for its existence --that of staying and residing at the xenobase (XB) state of existence --the baselevel (BALE) state called also the ergobase (erB) state of existence. We call baseolution that ultimate objective of matter whose physical process to achieve that end is called baseleveling, to be expressed through the all-encompassing law --the Ultimate Baselevel Law Of Nature (UBLON).

.1. We note that at the substratum of 8th UTPOT lies in the combination of the 2nd and 3rd FURON.
.2. We further note that the ergobase (erB) line that matter strive to exist is the line of the bottom of the ergosea (erS).
.3. Xenofluid's baseolution, in its simplest form of expression, is vested in its stated renormalization (RENO) tendency to decompress in accordance to the FODEP principle that is being satisfied through the existence of the ergoforce (erF).

Remark: Because of RENO, the xenofluid (XF) will acquire a resistance to compression (RECO) that is consistent with a resistance to change (RETOC), limited in strength, as formulated in the posted resistance limit mark of creation (RL-UMOC).

The First Fundamental Universal Scholium of Nature (1st FUSON):
VS. Baseolution

Evolution, is nothing but the continuous struggle against the baseolution. Thus, evolution can only occur when and where baseolution is being able to be defeated. The farther away the evolution is from the baselevel line, the higher the evolution is said to be. Evolution, at all time, must be able to keep in check and overcome baseolution.

The recognition that the activivic energy (AE) is the backbone of Nature is now being recognized and expressed
in an addendum, as the
ergo facet of the 4th FURON,
The Foundational Complementary Facet of the 4th FURON:
Activivic Energy as The Ultimate Denominator and Bridge of Comunication of Nature

Activivic energy, by being the integral part of both mattter and motion without which they could not exist independently, represents the ultimate substratum and common denominator (CODE) through which the ultimate bridge of communication (BOC) between them is being established, making it, therefore, as the ultimate communicator of Nature (UCON).

in, as the
Principle of Matter-Ergoenergy Equivalency:

Both the embryonal matter and ergoenergy are deriving their existence from the same primal agent --the Collision, the primeval agent of creation (PAC). As such, they are said to be equivalent in rapport to their origin of existence. In a formal way, we say that matter and ergoenergy are equivalent modulo their existence.

If we define mass as the quantity of matter in a body and nothing else, then the resultant mass-ergoenergy equivalence can be stated that the mass of an object is a measure of its ergoenergy content.

and finally
in, as
The Fifth Foundational Universal Recognition Of Nature (5th FURON): 
Ergoenergy as The Ultimate Regulator of Matter

Ergoenergy, by being an integral part of matter and thus, by subscribing to UBLON, it will channel its ergoflow to create a common ergolevel platform between the high and low ergolevels of ego-objects that are in contact. We call this the ergoleveling process of the ergoenergy.

Remarks and Definitions:
. The simplest example of the ergoleveling process is the temperature flow and transfer between "hot" and "cold" objects in contact or confined into a closed system. More subtle examples of the ergoleveling process will be revealed when the proton-electron and proton-proton interactions are to be studied in a not too distant page.
. The ergoleveling process implies the existence of an ergoenergy (erE) flow called ergoflow (erFLO). We call ergodynamics (ergoD) the study of the ergoflow dynamics (erFLOD).

Finally, it is important to recognize now of the TRUTON's foundational pointer that is to be used in its maiden journey that we have just began. It is vested in the introduced "objective of existence" concept for matter. Looking through that concept is as if looking through a most powerful "lens" through which we can "see" Nature's foundational blueprint. That foundational blueprint of Nature is indeed most helpful in guiding us to the discoveries of the most underneath laws that governs Nature.


  On the Concept Of Nature  

We define Nature as being the entity containing everything but Nothingness --an entity devoid of everything but its own existence.

On the Parcels of Nature (PARONs)

From the multitude existence mark of creation (ME-UMOC), and the subsequent Remark 4 above, we have recognized that the embryonal Nature (eN) needs not be limited to exist as one single block, but as a multitude of blocks, called parcels, that are separated by the void (VO) space (i.e., separated by the Nothingness medium). The fragmented existence of Nature through its parcels (PARONs) offers its most general representation.

We mark that stunning finding in
The Ninth Universal Transcendental Principle Of TRUTON (9th UTPOT):
The Parcels Of Nature (

Nature is not confined to exist as one single block, but rather its existence is fragmented in a multitude of parcels separated by Nothingness --an entity devoid of everything but its own existence. All those parcels are made up of the same identical primary ingredients: the xenosubstance (XS) and the xenovoid (XV).

Aside from the fact that Nature is not a continuum block, but is made of parcels (
PARONs) separated by the absolute void medium of Prena, each PARON in turn need not be a continuum block as it can contain in it a number of "holes of Nothingness (HONs)."

In addition, we note that the xenovoid (XV) medium of Nature, in itself, is not a continuum medium as it contain "oases" of void (VO). And that is because, as already noted above, finite "patches" or "clouds" of XV are being formed that reside in the limitless void (VO) medium of Prena.

On the Permanency and
The Limited Expansion Capability of
From the permanent existential mark of creation (PE-UMOC), as noted above, the permanency of Nature is firmly secured on the grounds that there is no transformation or process that can transform a material entity into Nothingness --an entity devoid of everything but its own existence.

From the substantive foundational mark of creation (SF-UMOC) and the PE-UMOC, the preservation of the xenosubstance (XS) integrity is firmly established. And that is because there is no physical transformation in Nature or anywhere else that can convert Nothingness into Xenosbstance (XS) and vice versa. However, the Nothingness can be transformed into Xenovoid (XV) and as such, in that sense only, we can talk about the limited expansion capability of PARONs.

We mark all this into
The Tenth Universal Transcendental Principle Of TRUTON (10th UTPOT):
On Nature's Permanent Conserved and Unified Material Existence

The permanent conserved existence of Nature is guaranteed by the permanent conserved existence of its xenosubstance that cannot be increased nor decreased as there is no transformation capable of making it or destroy it. The xenosubstance can only be transformed from one state into another, but it can never be created nor annihilated through any process.

The xenobase (XB) --the default state of existence of the xenosubstance (XS) is a primeval
given entity and therefore, questioning its origin in TRUTON is meaningless.


 On the Emerging Cosmological Picture of Embryna (Embryonal Nature) 

From the above presentation, we begin to "see" how the embryonal Nature (eN) is shaping up: not like a single block but rather as an aggregate of parcels of matter surrounded by the void space (VOS) representing the space of Nothingness. We can talk about a buffer of Nothingness (BON) of two adjacent parcels of Nature (APRONs).

Within each such parcel of Nature (PARON), we have blocks of xenobase (XB) masses moving and colliding randomly in their surrounding space that is a mixture of xenovoid (XV) and void (VO). Because of the collision activity of two such APRONs, their common BON will shrink and, in some cases, able to break through and establish xenovoid (XV) bridges of communication (BOCs) that, in effect, will unite them forming a new composed parcel of Nature (PARON). Thus, holes of Nothingness (HONs) can be part of the anatomy of a PARON.

The study of impact of collisions, as we have seen, was able to usher us in discovering the ingredients of matter --the compressed xenobase (cXB) and the xenovoid (XV)-- and thus, of the emergence of the embryonal Nature (eN) out of Prena. That study, to be continued, will be able to open new vistas with respect to another type of bridges of communication (BOCs) that are found to exist in eN --the "ergo" BOCs. Those BOCs are with respect to the "ergo relationships" that the material objects can establish with their existing environment --relationships that can be transmitted only through the "ergo" BOCs. The study of those relationships will be able to reveal not only the objects' behavioral and interactional properties, but also the rationale for their existence --the big WHY. That path of relationships is the path through which the embryonal Nature (eN) has been evolving from its inception and, as such, that is the path that we have to trace and follow.



Kalman Klim Brattman